Under the Sea

Under the Sea
Under the Sea 7th Grade Student Watercolor

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Salty Wax Resist Watercolor

8th Grade Painting
This is an 8th grade assignment.

The students have learned how to do a varigated wash and wet on wet isolation.

1. The students will draw very lightly on the watercolor paper. I usually have them draw
     something from nature. It needs to have closed shapes.
2. On every line that they draw they will trace very heavily with white crayon
3. Start painting the background. It is a variagated wash. Wet the paper first all over except
    on the image that was drawn. Add wet paint into it and let the water do most of the work.
    Make sure that the colors blend a little and it is wet enough that it doesn't look like a stripe.
4. Lightly salt the background when it is wet.
5. Let the background dry overnight.
6. Scrape off the salt
7. Paint wet on wet isolation in the other shapes. Use two to three colors in each section.
8. Lightly salt after you have painted each section.
9. Don't paint next to anything wet or damp
10. Scrape off the salt when it is dry

1 comment:

  1. I used the salt background process with my 2nd graders. We had a great discussion about hidden objects/animals in the clouds and that ignited their thinking and soon they were eager to share what they had seen. By then they were eager to search for hidden pictures in their own dry backgrounds. When they spotted one I had to rush over to have them share it with me before handing them an ultra fine marker or a Papermate Flair pen. They were eager to trace their discovery with their finger before doing it with the pen. We did not add additional colors to their hidden objects.

    Thanks for sharing the more advanced work done by 7th and 8th graders. I retired after teaching elem. ed for 47 years and now teach art for a very small private k-8 school. I am not an art teacher I simply had my students engaged in a wide variety of art experiences that were integrated with our curriculum. I have to create my own art program for this school and feeling quite mentally blank - well not really but I appreciate ideas people are sharing on many websites.

    Thanks so much, Kathleen Marshall