Under the Sea

Under the Sea
Under the Sea 7th Grade Student Watercolor

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Animal Aberrations

7th Grade Drawing
This assignment is one that includes texture, 1 point perspective, form, and blending, shading and burnishing of colored pencils.

I chose Utah Native American rock art images for the students to choose from, because it is a seventh grade assignment and seventh graders study Utah History.

1. Do a one point perspective checker board. Here is a website that explains it well
2. Draw the animal image on top of the checkerboard. The animal needs to be broken up into
    smaller sections.
3. The checkerboard is in perspective but the animal will not. It will look like it is hovering,
     hence an aberration.
4. The students will then outline the animal with black marker and then add patterns and
    textures to the animal. They need to remember lights and darks.
5. The students then fill in the checkerboard. (note: if they mark which squares they are going
    to do, they need to mark it with a pencil and not the marker. White out cannot be covered
    very well).
6. They students then blend, shade and burnish with colored pencils. They need to use two to
    three colors in each section.

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